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Οι καλύτερες στιγμές σας είναι… Ακταίον!

Γιορτάστε μια ιδιαίτερη περίσταση με στυλ στο ΑΚΤΑΙΟΝ.
Η προσοχή στη λεπτομέρεια, ο ιδιαίτερος χώρος μας και η άψογη εξυπηρέτηση θα δημιουργήσουν μια αξέχαστη εμπειρία για εσάς και τους καλεσμένους σας.

Διοργανώνετε μια εταιρική εκδήλωση, ένα επαγγελματικό δείπνο, την ημέρα του γάμου σας, τη βάπτιση του παιδιού σας, τον εορτασμό μιας σημαντικής επετείου, την οργάνωση μιας ξεχωριστής οικογενειακής συγκέντρωσης ή γενέθλιά σας;

Tο AKTAION Classic είναι το τέλειο σκηνικό για μια αξέχαστη περίσταση.

Aktaion Special Moments,
for a Day to Remember!

Patio Bar's Story

About Us

A relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, good jazz, dinner and cocktails. The PatioTime Bar opens in the centre of Florence. The only bar inspired by the 1960s, it will give you a cocktail experience that you’ll have a hard time forgetting.
Nutrition and Taste
Quality & Balanced Food

We serve food, harmony, and laughter. Making delicious food and providing a wonderful eating experience since 1998.

Where to find us
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We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.

Piazza della Signoria, 1050122 . Firenze . Italy
M: booking@patiotime.com
T: +39 055 1234567

More than 30 years of rich tradition

Since opening our first restaurant in New York City in 1989, The PatioTime has brought together our passion for quality steak and seafood, family values, and seasoned restaurant experience. Every time you eat with us, you’re tasting years of hard work, innovation, and commitment to good food.

New York Times

Best Steak House Wine Lists
New York, NY

Business Insider

Best Steakhouses in America
Year 2021

Open Table

100 Best Steakhouses in America,
Las Vegas, NV

Trip Advisor

2020 Travelers' Choice
Best of the Best

Dry Aged Beef

Mature taste brought by time

All of our prime steaks and chops are dry-aged on-site and served by dedicated and knowledgeable staff with years of steakhouse experience. The setting is primed to impress: whether for a romantic dinner, a power lunch, a client dinner or a family celebration.

The Classic Flavour

Discover Our Cuisine

Experience fine wines, the freshest seafood, the finest steaks and genuine service. Our menu includes aged USDA Prime steak, a range of the freshest seafood options, bespoke cocotails, premium beers, and an extensive selection of world-class wines.